The Lord’s Church in Bermuda

The History of The Church of Christ in Bermuda began in the late 1950s, during a time when the United States Airforce was stationed in the east end of the island. Some of the military were members of the church and met on the US base. In due time they began to meet off base, this afforded them direct contact with the local population. Eventually locals were taught; some obeyed the gospel and were added to the body. Initially they met in a rented hall in the city of Hamilton. The military members, who comprised the core, by nature of their tours of duty would often be replaced.

Eventually a pulpit preacher was hired, property at Brighton Hill Road was purchased, and a building constructed. The church still meets there today. There were several brethren who helped establish the church in the early days. Key among these is Bro Asa Keele. Bro Keele was not only amongst the first who served in the early days at Brighton Hill, but years later, when the West End church was planted, he returned to the island to serve in the new work. Other preachers were Bro Philip Woodbridge who ministered tirelessly at Brighton Hill for 14 yrs. He was followed by Bro Turner Pursuer, who labored here for 7 years, and Bro Derek Hamlin who served for about 5 yrs. Bro Hamlin was the first African American preacher to serve. Following him was Bro Dave Blakeney, who was the first Bermudian minister to be hired. He served for about 1 year. Our current, and longest serving minister, is Bro Paul Richards. He has been serving, along with the assistant minister Bro Floyd Rawlins, for 19 years. There are currently 4 congregations on the Island:

- Brighton Hill Church of Christ - Evangelist Paul Richards

- West End Church of Christ - Evangelist Thaddeus Bruno

- East End Church of Christ - Evangelist Craig Laws

- Paget Church of Christ - Evangelist Dave Blakeney

Our prayer continues to be that God will bless our efforts to win souls to Christ, direct us to help develop our members’ spiritual growth, and transform our lives that we may be lights that glorify Him in the earth.



Let all the earth fear the Lord, Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. Ps 33:8

Church of Christ, bermuda

July 10- 13, 2022 | Kingston, Jamaica

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