Local Committee

Paul Blake

Local Chairman 


The Local Committee are the on the ground team at the host location ensuring all the necessary local requirements for staging a Lectureship are in place.

This will include and not limited to :

  • Selecting the theme and appropriate scriptural text
  • Overseeing the design of the theme Logo and Printed Materials
  • Identifying a suitable venue for the Lectureship
  • Suggesting suitable attendee accommodation(s)
  • Providing assistance for attendees who will need to secure VISAs (Invitation letters etc)
  • Managing registration, arrivals and departures
  • Providing daily support during the event

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Local Committee


The Regional Committee provides an over arching support for the Lectureship. It ensures the various congregations across the island are aware of each staging of the lectureship and provides the necessary tools to the local committee to plan their unique flavour of the Lectureship.

Responsibilities of the Regional Committee include :

  • Setting the Lectureship dates
  • Selecting a host country
  • Ensuring a local committee is organized
  • Selecting topics and assigning speakers and teachers
  • Communicating with local host team to ensure the basic framework for the Lectureship is in place.
  • Providing and maintaining communication to all congregations within the region through its website, email, printed bulletins/letters and social media.
  • Ensuring that all financial obligations are honored

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Regional Committee

The Annual Caribbean Lectureship requires vision, proper financial management and advance planning in order to have a successful staging. There are two committees which lend administration to the event each year namely:

  • Regional Committee
  • Local Committee


July 10- 13, 2022 | Kingston, Jamaica

  faith. Praise. fellowship