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July 7 - 10, 2019 | Southampton, Bermuda

Lectureship Topics

Designed for Christians and spiritually minded individuals, the Annual Caribbean Lectureship programme features strong Christian leaders and church visionaries from across the region !​ 

Lectureship Facilitators & Topics:

"Teach us to Number our Days" - Michael Stewart

"The Changing Form of Sin" - Martin J. Royer

"The God of All Seasons" - Dr. Bruce McLarty

"Fear God; Cast Out Fear" - Albert E. Isaac

"It’s About Time to Overcome Sin" - Bob Bole

"Discipling – Spiritual Parenting" - Paul Richards

"Be Careful What You Hear" - Kevin Beneby

"Balancing the Scale of Justice" - Elton Terry

"The Beauty That Impresses God" - Thaddeus Bruno

"Taking the Judgement Seriously" - Ossafa Gordon

"Forgive …One More Time" - Craig Laws

"It’s Still Harvest Time" - Justin A. Ayers

July 10- 13, 2022 | Kingston, Jamaica