July 9 - 12, 2017 | Nassau, Bahamas

​University of The Bahamas

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July 10- 13, 2022 | Kingston, Jamaica

​Performing Arts Centre

A leading theatre venue, The University of The Bahamas, Performing Arts Centre (PAC) is an ultra-modern 10,500 square foot facility with a seating capacity of 400 that matches first-rate theatres around the world. With a contemporary design that features a 480 square foot stage and a retractable movie screen, there are two gallery spaces and state-of-the-art sound and lighting controls. The PAC is ideal for showcasing performing arts talent, and hosting cultural, artistic and intellectual events.

The PAC has a vibrant repertory season and is also the venue for the signature Colour of Harmony exposition and the Anatol Rodgers Memorial Lecture Series. Past events have included An Evening With Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott and the Sidney Poitier International Conference and Film Festival.