July 10- 13, 2022 | Kingston, Jamaica

  faith. Praise. fellowship


Keynote Topics

Keynote Topics:

Sunday Morning

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures - Es 4:14 - Terrence Griffith

THEME: Self-Sacrifice

Sunday Morning

Changing Seasons - Es 4:1-3 - Ellison Delva

THEME: Transition

Sunday Evening

A Timely Messenger For a Timely Message - Es 4:14 - Dominic Dos Santos

THEME: Readiness

Monday Morning

Stand Your Ground - Es 3:1-2 - Murchisson Alexis

THEME: Determination

Monday Evening

People Cross Your Path For a Reason and a Season - Es 2:17 - Michael Stewart

THEME: Providence

Monday Evening

Obstacles Of No Consequence - Es 4:10-11 - Bruce McClure

THEME: Faith

Tuesday Morning

If You Keep Silent - Es 4:14 - Dr. Cliff Ganus Jr.

THEME: Evangelism

Tuesday Evening

Favor Is Always Better - Es 5:3 - Alford Lazar

THEME: Grace

Tuesday Evening

Oh How The Tables Have Turned - Es 7:1-10 - Ossafa Gordon

THEME: Retribution

Wednesday Morning

The Spiritual Path To Human Greatness - Es 10:1-3 - Gladwyn Kiddoe

THEME: Growth

Wednesday Evening

Celebration Time - Es 9:27-32 - Mahase Bissonadath


Designed for Christians and spiritually minded individuals, the Annual Caribbean Lectureship programme features strong Christian leaders and church visionaries from across the region !​